Crystals for Protection

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Protection crystals provide a sense of comfort in an unpredictable world – a must-have for any crystal collector. They provide protection in a multitude of ways but serve the same purpose: to raise your sense of awareness and keep all three eyes open. Here, we’ll have a look at the 10 best crystals for protection. 

Black Tourmaline is a powerful healing crystal that protects the wearer from electromagnetic radiation as well from negativity. It dispels harmful energy from any space and removes toxins from the physical body. Black tourmaline brings balance to the emotional body and relieves fears, depression, and anxiety. This stone is the perfect amulet for protection. 

Clear Quartz, otherwise known as the “master healer” does just that. It clears negative energy from the environment and helps to realign the chakras, bringing the body, mind, and soul into harmony. This crystal removes toxins and impurities from the physical body as well as from the mind, allowing for a purified and uplifted state of being. 

Labradorite is possibly one of the most versatile crystals for protection available in modern day. It protects from electromagnetic radiation and the harmful effects of technology. Labradorite creates a shield of luminescence around the wearer that protects from psychic attack and helps to keep your third eye open and assess situations with your intuition. 

Obsidian is one of the most common crystals for protection. It works as a vacuum for the mind, clearing out stagnant thoughts and negative emotions. Obsidian protects the wearer against impurities in the environment as well as from outside influences. It grounds, stabilizes and regulates energy on all levels. 

Black Jade is a natural protector and shield against negativity and harm of all sorts. It opens your intuition to improve discernment so you can avoid dangerous people, places, and situations. Black jade will widen your spiritual perspectives to find the root of problematic situations and solve them accordingly.

Smoky Quartz is a powerful grounding stone that helps to clear the mind, allowing you to make the proper decisions in any situation. It is known to dissolve negative energies and transmute them into positive energy, protecting the body and auric field from harm. Smoky quartz helps the wearer to relinquish bad habits and instill self-control. 

Turquoise is a cleansing and protecting stone that helps you release that which no longer serves you, your body, or your mind. Throughout history, turquoise has often been used for protection amulets, as it is believed that the stone will crack or break, signifying that it has received an injury in place of the owner. 

Amethyst is a powerful healing stone of emotional and spiritual protection. It helps to break harmful habits and dispels negativity from the environment as well as your auric field. Amethyst will balance the emotional body and release unwanted thoughts and feelings so you can move into a state of higher consciousness. 

Carnelian is a beautiful red protection crystal that keeps the wearer safe from harm and misfortune. It sharpens the mind and allows for quick thinking, so you can defend yourself or get out of dangerous situations. Carnelian keeps you healthy in body, mind, and spirit. 

Pyrite is a psychic protector that guards against negative outside influence. It releases feelings of fear and insecurity, while allowing you to handle difficult situations with grace. Pyrite energizes any space and imparts vitality. 

These crystals for protection can be carried in your pocket, purse, or car. For the purpose of being minimalistic, keep one at the entrances of the home.  Wearing protection crystals in jewelry helps to keep protective energy close at all times. There’s no wrong way to use protection crystals, so find one (or many) that suits you today and add them to your crystal collection!