Crystals for New Beginnings

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With the upcoming full moon which is a Super Flower Blood Moon and an eclipse, it’s time to release that which no longer serves us and start a new chapter of life. This is the perfect time to let go of old habits, negative beliefs, and clean out the closet to make space for better suited things. However big or small the ways in which you decide to celebrate this powerful cosmic energy shift, don’t start without your trusted crystals. Here are 7 crystals for new beginnings. 

Moonstone is widely considered one of the absolute best crystals for transformation and new beginnings as its energetic vibrations instill the hope and courage needed to face yourself. It helps us look inward and discover the ways in which we need to change while giving us strength to make those difficult decisions. Moonstone opens many doors, we only need to decide which one we’re walking through today. 

Labradorite reminds us of the magic that dwells within us while teaching us to harness our truest transformative power. This is a stone that should always be kept close as its very presence brings comfort in the knowledge that we already have everything we need to create the life we deserve. Labradorite gives us strength, courage, and wisdom to seek that which our heart desires most.  

Amazonite healing vibrations radiate deeply through our energetic being, bringing feelings of hope, strength, and wisdom – the necessary foundation for our transformative path. Helping us to move forward into new beginnings, this stone of opportunities brings abundance and prosperity to any venture, lending its properties to the purpose of building a new life. 

Amethyst instills inner peace and mental clarity to the traveler of both the physical plane and the astral. Its soothing energies help to calm the chaotic mind, assisting in decision-making as well as promoting spiritual growth by opening the third eye. Amethyst enhances intuition to better understand what path we should take on this spiritual journey, making it the perfect companion on the road to new beginnings. 

Chrysoprase is the stone of truth and abundance, lending its energies to our everyday encounters and endeavors. Its healing vibration nurtures, motivates, and aids on the quest to self discovery. When we figure out what path to take, the destination becomes clear and we are gifted the discipline and determination to reach it. Chrysoprase awakens the passion of the soul, assuring success in the chase of our biggest dreams.  

Tanzanite stimulates the upper chakras to unify the mind, heart, and soul. It teaches compassion, understanding, and empathy in communicating our authentic inner truth. This stone of magic awakens the self and guides us on the path to enlightenment, stimulating conscious growth and spiritual ascension. Any journey of the soul is a journey worth taking and Tanzanite is an essential companion.  

Citrine is the stone of joy and abundance that brings good fortune in any endeavor. This faithful and lucky companion helps to ensure success on our many journeys in this life, while instilling hope, optimism, and positivity. Move ahead into this new chapter of your story with confidence and vitality, keeping citrine close to the heart.   

Full moon energy is a lot bigger than what we are able to fathom on a universal scale and it’s vitally important to understand the ways in which it can benefit us as well as the issues it can cause. Before you attempt any spiritual crafting, do your research. One simple way we can harness the power of the full moon is by cleansing our crystals in water charged under its energies. Although some practitioners will warn against charging your crystals in eclipse water as this is a time for release, if your intention is set correctly, this can be the perfect time to program your crystals to deflect anything you no longer desire for yourself. Fill a glass container with water and leave it under direct moonlight for three days. Use this water to bathe or shower your crystals for massive energetic cleansing. Full moon energy lasts a few days before and a few days after the phase, so you have plenty of time to get your intention right. Happy manifesting!