Crystals for Healing

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to healing with crystals; there are so many ways you can match and combine crystals to create a custom healing grid that’s best suited to your purposes. To simplify things, we’ll take a look at the best crystals for healing in regards to some aspects of the spiritual and physical body. 

Crystals for Healing the Heart 

Opening ourselves up to love can be difficult at times. Whatever the reasons behind putting up a wall, these crystals will help you become more receptive to and giving of love. 

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love, most popular for its influence on the emotional aspects of the heart. This pink stone of love opens the heart chakra and welcomes healing love energy in all aspects. It promotes romantic love, familial love, and self-love to bring harmony between the spirit and the heart. 

Green Jade carries powerful healing energies of happiness, support, and balance that embrace the heart with love. It heals and aligns the heart chakra to provide spiritual, emotional, and physical healing in ways that only Jade can. Promoting an immense connection with Mother Earth, this green crystal helps you heal with the natural energies of the world we live in. 

Green Aventurine is a bold stone of adventure and promise. Its energies open the heart chakra and stimulate feelings of passion, fantasy, and romanticism in the strongest and healthiest way possible. Green aventurine comforts, harmonizes, and soothes.  

Crystals for Healing the Mind 

When the emotional body is unbalanced (or when we’re simply overwhelmed by stress), the mind tends to become cluttered. These crystals for healing will clear the mind of negative thoughts so you can focus on what’s important. 

Lapis Lazuli is an ancient healing stone of wisdom, truth, and intuition. It enhances perspectives and fine tunes the third eye so you can look within and find the answers you seek. For the clouded mind, lapis lazuli provides clarity and mental stability.

Clear Quartz removes impurities from your auric field and the environment to cleanse negative thoughts and emotions. Where there is mental unrest and stagnancy, this crystal for healing clears the path and aligns the chakra so you can feel balanced and whole again. 

Blue Calcite instills nurturing energies that calm the mind and provide focus where there is misdirection. It refines the thinking process to better formulate your thoughts and communicate them effectively. Blue calcite is the clear skies to a stormy mind. 

Crystals for Healing the Body 

Let’s not forget the importance of physical health in our preoccupation with the etheric. Ensure balance and bodily health with these crystals for healing. 

Amber holds the healing powers of the sun and the regenerating properties of the element of fire. It gives vitality to the exhausted being and promotes longevity so you can get through life with both purpose and health. Its physical healing properties sustain lasting effects on the throat, kidneys, and liver. 

Green Tourmaline is the crystal embodiment of vital life force energy. It allows this energy to flow freely to all parts of the spiritual and physical body, bringing wholeness and balance throughout. Green tourmaline detoxifies the body of impurities and calms the nervous system as well the digestive system. 

Unakite provides the connection between yourself and your heart. Its properties dispel feelings of lethargy and exhaustion, strengthening will and enhancing motivation. Unakite nurtures the physical body as a whole and aids in regeneration of the immune system after an illness. 

In these times especially, it may seem like what we really need is balance. Unify your body, mind, and spirit with these crystals for healing. For a healthy vessel, practice meditating with healing crystals or incorporate chakra healing into your routines. There’s no wrong way, you just need to get started.