Crystals for Fertility

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If you struggle with infertility or are having trouble conceiving, you’re probably also struggling with feelings of hopelessness among other things. There’s always hope and there’s always an option for achieving the life you most desire. Whatever your outlook on the situation is, these 7 crystals for fertility will activate your lower chakras to help boost your sexual stamina, libido, and most importantly, your chances of getting pregnant. 

Chrysoprase is a stone of the heart that opens and activates the Solar Plexus chakra to bring vital energies of love and harmony to your aura and environment, while opening many doors of possibilities. It strengthens your personal willpower and increases stamina to add an extra kick of magic to your manifestation abilities. Chrysoprase reverses infertility, protects against STDs and strengthens the fallopian tubes. 

Moonstone is the carrier of divine femenine energy and hosts the powerful energies of the Mother Goddess, promoting sexuality, intimacy, and fertility. It engages the intuitive spirit and opens pathways for spiritual growth and enlightenment, allowing you to realize your heart’s deepest desires. Moonstone aids in conception and pregnancy while easing childbirth and breastfeeding.  

Garnet awakens passion and sexuality while revitalizing the life force that dwells stagnantly within. It enhances strength, confidence, and personal willpower to help transmute negative energies that hinder your spiritual growth. A powerful manifestation stone, it allows us to channel the magic within and turn our dreams into reality. Garnet also regulates the hormones to boost fertility and stop impotence. 

Jade unlocks and activates the heart chakra to welcome energies of love and harmony, providing a solid foundation for relationships. It nurtures and balances the emotional body as well as your chi, bringing stability and growth to your being as a whole. Green jade boosts fertility, aids in childbirth, and brings good luck in the process of conception.  

Rose Quartz is the ultimate healing stone of love and relationships, promoting compassion, loyalty, and understanding to strengthen unions of all sorts. It is the crystalline embodiment of pure love that awakens the heart and invokes the loving energies of the divine. Rose Quartz heals and stabilizes the emotional body as well as hormones to treat infertility.  

Carnelian is a protective stone that grounds and stabilizes the lower aspects of the self, activating the Root chakra to promote passion, sexuality, and intimacy. It lends strength, courage, power, and motivation to push through all your hardships and come out a conqueror. Strengthening sexual energy, carnelian boosts the functions of the reproductive system to enhance libido and fertility.  

Unakite’s gentle energies help you to connect with your heart on a deeper level and promotes understanding of the emotional body. It is a natural enhancer of energetic vibrations and is the perfect crystal to set your intention of fertility around. If the universe has made its choice regarding your future, unakite teaches you acceptance. For health issues regarding the reproductive system, this crystal for fertility lends its healing energies when you need them the most. 

When using crystals for specific areas of healing, it’s important to incorporate the chakras – this helps the flow of chi (life force energy) throughout the body and allows the crystal’s healing powers to work throughout the mind, spirit, and physical body. Holding crystals for fertility against the lower chakras such as the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras will boost their effectiveness as their healing energies become absorbed directly into those energy centers. Always remember to cleanse your crystals before and after any healing session.