Crystals for Divination

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Divination is the ancient art of revealing the future through various methods and forms of practice. From reading tea leaves to tarot cards to scrying, whichever method calls to you, incorporating the use of crystals can assist your cause as they lend their metaphysical properties to your purposes. Here are 10 crystals for divination to help you in your practice. 

Obsidian has been a favored choice of divination crystal for thousands of years. Its origin sits in the ancient Aztec civilization as Mayan prophets would gaze into its polished surface in the practice of scrying. In another method, water would be poured upon obsidian to find answers in the shapes left behind. An obsidian crystal ball would be ideal for divination, but you may also incorporate it into other methods. 

Amethyst is quite literally, the stone of the third eye and intuition. It calms the mind and helps you tap into your spirituality while promoting a deeper connection with your higher self. Its color alone suggests its connection to the upper chakras, helping to tap into your own psychic power. 

Clear Quartz can benefit your divination practices in many ways, mainly by clearing out the mental clutter and augmenting the psychic energy you put into your craft. A clear quartz pyramid or pointed wand works great when kept near your area of practice. 

Moonstone carries strong lunar energy that can be borrowed and harnessed in many ways. In many parts of Asia, it is believed that a person can divine a desired outcome by holding a piece of moonstone in their mouth on the full moon. Sounds exciting to try, doesn’t it? If it doesn’t, you can still utilize the stone’s energy by incorporating it into your divination practices. It’s especially effective when cleansed and charged under moonlight.   

Lapis Lazuli is another ancient stone that opens the third eye to promote visions and communicate with the divine. It is said that, when meditated with, it can provide the answers you seek if you can only look inward for long enough. Use this stone to enhance your intuition and connect with your higher self.  

Jasper is known to enhance one’s mental state and assist the thinking process. It keeps one grounded during their practice while protecting against outside psychic influence. In the early history of the United States, jasper was often used in many divination practices.  

Labradorite is the stone of transformation that illuminates the darkness, allowing you to find those hidden truths when the answers seem to evade. It is the manifestation stone that helps you to harness your own inner power to enhance your psychic abilities and assist in visualization. Place it on your altar or wear it around your neck.  

Celestite, as the name itself suggests, is a dreamy celestial stone that can open up your crown chakra and help you find answers through your subconscious. It is the traveler’s companion, assisting in the expansion of the mind in its most malleable state. If you seek prophetic dreams, keep this stone under your pillow. 

Sodalite balances the emotions and stabilizes the mind to lessen distractions and interference during your practices. It strengthens intuition and enhances your natural psychic ability while keeping you grounded. Keep this stone near your divination tools.  

Selenite is directly connected to the crown chakra, helping to expand the reaches of your higher mind and enhance your ability to visualize and peer into the future. It removes spiritual inhibitions and aligns all your chakras so that every aspect of your being is connected to each other. 

Whether your favored form of divination is scrying, consulting tarot cards, or flame reading, crystals can lend their energies to your cause. Place them on your reading surface, on your altar or hold them in your hands to help you find the answers you seek. For best results when practicing, cleanse and charge your crystals before or after each use. See also our article on crystal charging and cleansing for more information.