Crystals for Abundance

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Healing crystals are used for a multitude of purposes, from spiritual protection to physical healing and manifesting your desires, which can be as simple as finding a stone that suits you and then speaking your intention through it into the universe. Of all the things one can think to bring into existence, why not abundance? If it’s your first attempt at manifesting, try out these crystals for abundance and let go of financial worry. 

Pyrite is often known as “fool’s gold” and for excellent reason. This symbol of good luck is really the stone of abundance. Its energies are directly linked to the Solar Plexus chakra, strengthening willpower and determination to keep you moving unhindered toward your goals. Meditating with this stone of manifestation or even simply carrying it around with you helps to activate its energies. Speak your intentions to it and the universe will provide. 

Citrine masters our creativity center and lends power to our manifestation abilities. It unlocks our personal will and our deepest desires, stimulating boundless imagination and opportunities. This stone’s energies bring vitality and happiness, keeping you inspired and open to new ideas. Citrine promotes abundance, prosperity, and manifestation. Try meditating with this crystal outside in nature to keep yourself grounded and focussed on what you wish to achieve in life.   

Green Aventurine is one powerful crystal for abundance as its energies bring strength, confidence, and courage to help you reach those seemingly impossible goals. It pushes us to move outside of the box in which we feel most comfortable and try new things, take new risks, and grab at new opportunities. Green aventurine inspires positivity and adventure, bringing good luck with you wherever you go. Hold this stone tightly in your hands as you envision what you wish to manifest.  

Green Jade is most associated with the heart and the emotional body, as its energies bring love and harmony to the home and the wearer. It nurtures, heals, and supports while lending powerful energies of good fortune and abundance. Wearing green jade as jewelry or carrying it around in your pocket will promote feelings of positivity and wellness, ultimately bringing financial gain and prosperity.  

Clear Quartz is the master healer that clarifies, purifies, and cleanses the aura, body, mind, and spirit. Its augmentative properties work to increase the vibrations of any crystal it’s paired with, especially crystals for abundance and we definitely want to increase those, don’t we? Clear quartz also cleanses and charges energy, so be sure to keep it near your crystal collection.   

Amazonite is a stone of truth, peace, harmony, and communication. It helps you to find your authentic self and spiritual truth, and in turn encourages you to speak them with passion. This stone is great for business endeavors as it allows you to communicate in a way that resonates deeply with others. Carry amazonite in your pocket while you attend important meetings or whenever you feel the need for a little extra encouragement. This crystal for abundance will take you places and will especially help you voice what you want most – the universe is listening.  

Crystals for abundance are best kept in your wallet, purse, or pocket, but you can also keep them in the cash register at your business or in your workspace to bring inspiration and prosperity. Remember that your mindset is what drives your manifesting abilities. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.