Crystals Associated with Greek Goddess Hera

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In Greek Mythology, it is believed that any partnership or coupling occurs from a need for balance between two counterparts of a whole. This is possibly rooted in the story which states that all human beings once existed as two souls residing in one body with two heads, two hearts, and two sets of arms and legs. It is said that Zeus, in a fit of jealous rage, split them in half and separated them forever, damning each human to live their life in search of their other half. Among the many tales of the Greek Pantheon, Hera is depicted as Zeus’s counterpart, representing the opposite of everything he symbolizes. Where Zeus represents the expansion of consciousness and the reaches of Spirit, Hera is the embodiment of incarnation and limitation. The only record of her youth shows that she was brought up by the Titan couple who presides over evolution according to nature, Oceanos and Thetis. As she was united with Zeus, Gaia (mother of all) presented her with a tree that bore golden apples, symbolizing the “highest knowledge” meant for proper discernment. Hera planted this tree in the Garden of Hesperides, the garden of the setting sun, or the “origin of consciousness” – the final and ultimate stage of a seeker’s path. We can assume that where Zeus represents expansion and multiplicity, Hera represents the opposite: limitation and a strict fidelity. She persecuted all of Zeus’s lovers and the illegitimate children born therefrom who would seek to occupy more spaces than were rightfully theirs. Her actions were not for the purpose of exacting revenge, but to establish the principles which she stands for: keeping the process of incarnation and evolution while walking the right path, your own path. In these respects, she is the embodiment of the highest form of knowledge, representing the path to enlightenment and the achievement of ascension. 

Crystals associated with the Greek Goddess Hera are those which promote the very principles she represents: knowledge, spiritual growth, expansion of consciousness, loyalty, and honoring oneself. These crystals associated with Hera would include, but are not limited to: 

Pearl is significant of faith, charity, innocence, and honesty. Signifying sincerity and purity, it brings truth to any situation and promotes loyalty to one true purpose. Pearl provides focus to the task at hand while enhancing integrity and instilling values. A symbol of wisdom and knowledge, it helps one avoid reckless and careless behavior. 

Topaz is a stone of love and good fortune that soothes, heals, motivates and realigns the energy centers of the body. It represents truth and forgiveness to promote honesty, openness, self-realization and self-control, all the virtues needed to reach a higher level of consciousness. 

Herkimer Diamond, otherwise known as the stone of attunement, is a high vibrational stone which works to align your energy centers while balancing the mental and physical states. It connects the physical realm to the spiritual while helping you to better communicate with your spirit guides. It is the stone of meditation that assists in developing intuition and psychic abilities. 

Apophyllite is another high vibrational stone which helps you to attune your energy to higher realms. It promotes communication with your spirit guides while opening the third eye and crown chakra. Apophyllite promotes wisdom, spiritual awakening, and a higher sense of understanding. It instills clarity and bridges the gap between realms. 

Morganite is a powerful stone of the heart which promotes courage, compassion, and confidence. It reminds us of who we are inside our truest potential and lends the strength needed to step back into our own power. Morganite is a stone of spiritual rejuvenation, enlightenment, and expanded awareness. It opens up worlds of possibilities through our own inner magic. 

Iris Agate is well known for its powers of manifestation. Agate stones are quite popular because of their ability to form a connection between the spiritual and the physical. Iris agate in particular is a stone of the mind and the crown chakra which promotes higher understanding of our purpose in this world. It instills clarity and motivation to overcome everyday obstacles that might impede our journey to spiritual evolution. 

These crystals associated with Greek Goddess Hera can be used to one’s benefit in a multitude of ways. Implemented into your meditation practices, it can open the third eye and crown chakras to transcend the intellect using intuition and psychic sight. To promote the properties represented by Hera, create a candle inlaid with these crystals and light it on Sundays, the day for spirituality and new beginnings. According to the Feng Shui Bagua map, the best place to keep these crystals is in the South West or front left area of the home, the area responsible for knowledge and self-cultivation. If you’re a spiritual practitioner, consider creating an altar to honor these attributes or a crystal grid containing all the crystals associated with Hera.