Crystals and Lucid Dreaming

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“By embracing your subconscious, you gain a different way of seeing and experiencing – an expanded perception that opens a doorway, not only to lucid dreams, but also to a mythic perception.” – Jenny Davidow [Embracing Your Subconscious]

Dreaming is travelling, moving past the veil that separates this earthly realm from the unknown. Within these adventures the subconscious is awakened and a door opens, through which we may learn those evasive truths about ourselves. Lucid dreaming is becoming so accustomed to etheric travel to the point that we can control where we go and what we do inside our dreams. Something as simple as turning off a light switch or escaping a nightmare. This is a skilled practice on its own, but we can get a head start with the right information and with the proper tools, so let’s talk about crystals and lucid dreaming. 

When we think of crystals, we think of spirituality and expanding the mind to reach a higher level of consciousness. These and many more aspects of our practice are all interconnected in their purposes: to reach the divine. At the center of the web of spiritual exploration sits our curiosity as human beings, branching out into space and time. Dreams exist in neither, but instead straddles the threshold of the portal. In the same way that crystals lend us their cosmic energies in the third and fourth dimensions, they can assist in opening the door or even just a window. 

The crystals best suited to lucid dreaming are those which directly correspond to the third eye and crown chakras, those which promote intuition, psychic vision, and a connection to the higher mind. 


This popular and properly loved crystal is well known for its ability to open the third eye and enhance intuition. Calming the mind and promoting wisdom, it allows us to see our reality with unobstructed vision. Amethyst instills peace and relaxation, and above all else, throws in a dash of mysticism to help us sleep better and dream more “productively”. 

Clear Quartz 

As the master healer, this ancient crystal truly benefits every aspect of the Self. It cleanses and purifies the aura while aligning the chakras, opening the crown, and bringing balance to the emotional body. When we are centered and truly comfortable with ourselves in the moment, we can confidently reach out to the divine and listen with all ears to what it has to say. 

Lapis Lazuli 

Every traveler needs protection as well as a translator. Lapis lazuli unblocks the throat chakra and opens the third eye, allowing us to see with most intricate detail the wisdom that often evades and teaches us to act accordingly. This favored stone of the Egyptians makes the perfect talisman for the dreamer, the explorer, and the curious branch of the divine tree. 

Rutilated Quartz 

If ever there was a purely magical crystal that does it all, this is it. Rutilated quartz gets its name from the golden spikes and strands (or rutile) which naturally form inside clear quartz. This occurrence is symbolic of the divine presence within ourselves. Rutilated quartz presents to us the ability to grasp our inner wisdom, inner strength, and our own authentic power that helps us to manifest our soul’s deepest desires. 

Black Onyx 

Wherever you go, be sure not to stray too far, lest you can’t find your way back. Black onyx is a scrying stone that protects and grounds, keeping you tethered to the earth (and your bed). Its reflective surface allows for exploration of the soul and endless possibilities before your nightly endeavors, while providing the answers you seek. Incorporate this crystal into your dreaming practices so that you know exactly where and when your feet should touch the ground. 

Crystals for lucid dreaming should be meditated with while speaking your intentions, and should be kept mainly in the bedroom – on your nightstand, under your pillows, and hanging over your bed. As with any and all crystals, they should be cleansed regularly, especially if you’re practicing often. Check out our article on moonwater cleansing and charging.