Best Crystals to Wear Everyday

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There is a particular way in which each of us approaches a new day. We prepare ourselves to go out and begin our activities. It starts with our clothes. We decide what to wear considering where we need to go and there might even be special requirements at our jobs. This preparation connects us with the energy we will need to bring out in the following hours.

Getting dressed is probably the last step of this process and the moment in which we decide what we will take from home. There is not a lot we can carry with us, so we need to prioritize. We need not forget the essentials… well, maybe we need to redefine those. 

Hopefully, there was a meditation before that and maybe some exercise to enhance our awareness, to face our activities from a place of calm.

It is crucial how we set up our day. It makes a big difference in how we feel and how we react to any event, any surprise, positive or negative. Our morning ritual sets the tone of how we live through the day, even if it is hijacked by unexpected situations. 


Crystals and stones have been our friends for a very long time, longer than any record, and in many ancient cultures. Many civilizations believed in nature’s healing power through energy vibration. The Romans used crystal talismans and amulets to improve health and protection in battle. The Egyptians used lapis lazuli to replace the mummy’s heart and promote regeneration in the world and quartz to balance the body’s energy through enlightenment and awareness. 

They also knew crystals as instruments of spiritual power, and that is why the pharaohs wore minerals in their headdresses. They sculpted amulets in tiger eyes and turquoise, and in the tombs, they buried precious stones to guide the deceased on their last journey.

Currently, crystals are still considered very valuable for their therapeutic and healing properties. Crystals were formed millions of years ago when hot gases and mineral solutions rose to the surface from the Earth’s deep layers. As they cooled, the atoms were distributed according to a specific pattern until they formed the crystals as we know them today. Their unique structure allows these minerals to absorb, strengthen and transmute different energy types, thus having a great capacity to affect our body and our world in many ways.

They function as channels to transmit, concentrate and activate all forms of energy. They transmute energy and work harmonizing and purifying our body and mind. With their great power as transmitters and receivers, they help to unblock and charge our vital center with energy, enhancing the circulation of lifeforce through our body.

The crystals’ composition is said to allow them to keep a kind of memory as if they changed their deeper structure when engaging us. In this sense, crystals have the power to contain energies. You can hold a quartz crystal to fill it with your intent by visualization. This is what it means to program a crystal; all you need is purpose and concentration.

The crystal will remember your feelings and then permeate whatever environment it is placed in. Crystals can reflect both negative and positive energies, so we need to be careful while programming them. 

Crystals will also help clear a room of negative energies such as irritation, fear, or hate, but this means that they will retain an element of that negative energy and occasionally require cleaning.

They help the mind’s relaxation by decreasing mental disorders; they are beneficial when clarity is lacking. They raise our spirits and promote the development of a more positive and powerful mind. They are effective for events of depression, violence, delusions, and panic. They help eliminate jealousy and stimulate intuition and perception.

Wearing a Crystal

We may need to have a few options depending on the specific moment we are dressing for and check again with our intuition, what is the type of energy we need to add to this day.

I find that it is handy to wear them as a pendant as they are easy to put on and take off and are unnoticed. Many people may prefer to wear them as earrings or brooches. That is a good option but remember that they are not to be touched by others.

Before we can decide which are the best crystals to wear everyday, we need to look at their properties and find out what answers our needs.


It is characterized by its violet color, which can be more or less intense depending on the amount of iron the stone contains.

It is a very resistant stone. However, it is susceptible to heat. Depending on the temperature to which it is subjected, its color can change from violet to yellow, intense orange, or green. These changes in coloration are due to the alteration in the electrons it contains.

It is characterized by having dual functionality, affecting both the person’s body and mind. When quartz has a darker violet color, it affects the body’s physical part, but it has a more energetic or emotional effect when it is lighter.

The properties are the same whether this purple quartz is polished or natural. Size is not something that matters, but the quality does. To know if an amethyst stone is of quality, the points and their structure must be well-formed.

There are different qualities of crystals. You have to be careful because they sell citrine reheated in many places as if it were amethyst. Take a good look because its appearance is more opaque and lacking in color.


Jade promotes knowledge and brings good fortune. It has been used to make altars and rituals. Among other uses, wearing a jade helps to find love and attract someone we can genuinely connect with; it is also responsible for strengthening a couple’s bonds of affinity.

This gem is also closely linked to wisdom, inner peace, and emotional balance. It is excellent for stress management when you feel overwhelmed, but the day is not over. For this reason, it is always good to have an amulet made of jade is at the top of the best crystals to wear everyday. Not every type of jade is expensive, and you can find it in tones of green and also in a beautiful blue when it is tainted by cobalt.


This stone got its name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. This meaning of selenite is easy to see when reflecting light, often appearing as a rock dropped directly from the moon. It is formed from hydrous calcium sulfate; this mineral belongs to the gypsum crystal family.

Selenite has excellent properties both emotionally, spiritually, and physically; it can give us mental clarity and understanding. This is why it is sometimes thought of as an adviser. It gives us inner peace for meditation and to achieve the necessary calm for our body and mind, restoring our sleep cycle.

This stone protects the home, but it is also excellent to take with you everywhere. It forms a protective aura around the person, providing a safe and calm environment, taking care of us. It prevents us from losing control of our lives and helps develop good judgment.

Besides wearing it, you can use it for aura cleansing. This is done simply by moving the Selenite crystal over the body of the person you are cleansing (or yourself), as you visualize it sucking up all the toxins and negativity.

It is good practice, especially when you are surrounded by so many people every day. When you interact with many people, you also capture their energies; you take bits of them home with you. Most of those energies disperse over time, but some of those may stay with you and affect your own aura.

Using selenite crystals to cleanse your aura will ensure that you eliminate unwanted energies from other sources too.


Larimar stone belongs to the inosilicate mineral class. Its color is white mixed with blue, and it comes from the Dominican Republic. Only in recent years has this stone become known in crystal therapy. 

This stone manages to align the energy of the crystal with that of the mind and nature. It is considered the stone of luck for adventurers and explorers.

It facilitates self-healing; it is used to treat alterations in the cartilage, throat, joints, and arteries, it dissolves energy blockages in the chest, head, and neck. In reflexology, it helps locates the disease and unblocks the meridians.

It helps the temperament when it comes to overflowing emotions and tensions. It ensures that these are expressed in the best possible manner, serenely and efficiently to others. It attracts natural joy and feelings of well-being.

It is highly recommended when under pressure and to use it when you need to appease intense emotions such as anger. If negative feelings from others are manifested, this stone will help you stay clear of their impact.

It also balances the feminine energy in both men and women, contributing to soothing emotions without repressing them and improving bipolar disorders.


Agate improves mental activity by promoting concentration and perception. It directs your analytical mind towards practical solutions. The nature of agate brings awareness and supports expressing one’s own truth.

Agate can stimulate memory. Emotionally, this crystal assists in overcoming negativity and bitterness. It heals inner anger that seems to be stuck in our hearts, fostering love and the courage to start over. It is helpful for any type of emotional trauma.

Agate creates a sense of security by dissolving internal tension. Spiritually, agate elevates consciousness and connects with the underlying unity of life, bringing awareness. It encourages contemplation and disperses fantasies and fears, leading to spiritual growth and inner stability.


Obsidian rock is formed from molten lava that cools very quickly and does not have time to turn into glass. It is said to be a type of volcanic glass, and it is found in various places around the world.

There are several different variations of this stone, and it comes in a range of types and colors. This includes magnificent rainbow obsidian crystals, black and white intertwined, among others.

This stone was used by civilizations to create knives, arrows, and spear tips to hunt and protect themselves. This rock was used to produce these instruments because its blade was easy to carve.

It is considered one of the most potent stones because it is a protective shield that allows us to ward off negative energies and protect us from violence. It is not recommended to have a large piece of black obsidian near the front door. It can also be worn as a pendant (sometimes shaped as arrows for protection).

This rock is ideal for cleaning spaces where toxic and harmful people are. Black obsidian is responsible for absorbing and dispersing negative energies.

Astrology and Intuition

For centuries, crystals have been associated with astrology, specifically with the different zodiacal signs and each individual’s month of birth. 

Many people think they need to wear the gemstone of their birth month for good luck and protection. I believe this is likely.

Ultimately, you may find that the best crystals to wear everyday coincide with your astrological sign, but it might be better to let your intuition take you there.

This is essentially a matter of personal connection. Crystals possess properties that can stimulate spiritual growth and attract a positive transformation to our life experience; it is up to us to open our hearts to their influence.