Best Crystals for Root Chakra

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Achieving well-being and physical and emotional balance are possible with crystal therapy, the therapeutic application of crystals or precious stones.

Maintaining our natural inner balance is in large part an effect of our energy body. We keep this internal harmony by taking care of our body and mind and paying attention to the energetic rivers that go through our bodies.

Each of these channels is responsible for an area of our body and connects with our ethereal bodies’ energy centers. 

Thus, the possibility of healing stones and crystals focuses on receiving, transmitting, transforming, and renewing the energy around them to align the forces in our body.

What is Crystal Therapy?

Gem or crystal therapy is the therapeutic application of stones and crystals according to specific properties to find or restore balance and relaxation in the mind and body.

Ideal for relieving muscular discomfort and stress, insomnia, anguish, or depression, gem therapy stimulates energy within the body and mind, balancing the chakras.

Self Healing

The use of energy capacity through different minerals acting on our body can be considered self-healing. Thus, gem therapy help heals physical and emotional problems through stones and crystals.

The healing possibility of stones and crystals focuses on their ability to receive, transmit, transform, and renew the energy around them to align the body’s chakras.

Thus, this type of therapy has scientific and esoteric elements since chemical studies on minerals have been used since ancient times by man for their spiritual properties, beyond ornamentation.

How To Apply Crystals

Beyond having the gems, stones, or crystals for the decoration of the spaces, there are various ways of performing gem therapy, the most common being:


Meditation can be a bit intimidating if we haven’t done anything similar yet. In reality, meditation is not complicated at all; on the contrary, it is a way of being present and free of complications.

What confuses us is the idea that while we meditate, we are doing something special with the mind, something complex that requires a lot of training. It is not like that. Training helps us enter a state of stillness faster, but meditation is not a sports competition. Each one does it well if he does it at his own pace and listens to his own body.

For all this, we will approach this practice from the perspective of breathing.

A Breathing Exercise With Crystals

  1. Stretch on your back on a stable, rigid surface, ideally as close to the ground as possible. Place one of the best crystals for root chakra between your thighs or the floor near your root chakra.
  2. Allow both hands to rest over your torso. You can put on some music to meditate or relax music, but it is preferable to be quiet if there is enough silence.
  3. Close your eyes and start to breathe in through your nose, trying to draw the air towards your belly, feeling how it swells (diaphragmatic breathing).
  4. Once your belly has swollen, just fill you up by expanding the capacity towards your chest as well. Do it slowly, counting the seconds, hold your breath for 2 seconds.
  5. Begin to breathe out through your mouth slowly during the same seconds that it took you to breathe in.
  6. Repeat this process for a few minutes.
  7. So far, we were not paying attention to the mind. Right now, visualize the crystal’s energy interacting with a light that touches and fills your root chakra. This light is of a reddish color. Dark red if the stone is black.

This whole meditation does not need to be longer than twenty minutes.

Stone Massages 

The semi-precious stones can be impregnated with essential oils and applied at strategic relaxation points on the face and body to intensify their natural action.

There is a type of massage performed with hot basalt stone (volcanic stone), which, besides incredibly relaxing, helps remove negativity and foreign energies. 

It also has a firm grounding effect that is beneficial not only for stress but also for various mental ailments.

Crystal Elixirs

To complement the external treatment, you can take a mineral elixir orally, but be careful about which stone or crystal you use. Some of these might not be safe for drinking.

Root Chakra

Each chakra relates and influences specific areas and organs of the body. The root chakra ensures the function and healing of the organs in its area: the genitals and colon, as well as the legs, joints, and feet.

Natural crystals in the color red or those stones that are dark red or black will be beneficial in assisting this chakra.

Root Chakra stones mainly help the chakra ​​the body where ambitions, interest in life, and sexual desire originate. It is the first of the seven main chakras of the body. It is also called the base chakra or the first chakra; it is located at the base of the spine.

Garnet black Andradite ring

This chakra deals with the physical aspects of life and physicality. This chakra is associated with being comfortable sexually, as well as your ability to feel grounded.

It has strong ties to your feelings and to pleasure and pain. The meaning of the root or first chakra is strongly associated with the concept of ‘I am.

Where is the base chakra? Chakras meanings

The meanings of the primary chakras relate to sex drive, procreation, circulation, support structure, survival, basic instincts, and protection.

Red and black are the colors associated with this chakra. Many of the darkest stones are pretty positive for empowering your connection to the earth, which charges all your lifeforce.

If this chakra is healthy, you feel energetic and motivated in different areas of your life. Your creativity will also flow naturally.

The metaphysical properties of red-based chakra stones, such as Red Jasper or Ruby, are especially helpful in increasing your energy. This will immediately influence your sex drive and your desire for activity in every area of your life.

Which Are The Best Crystals For Root Chakra?

We mentioned it is represented by the color red, and it is located at the base of the spine. The chakra gives us a connection to the earth and the basis of who we are, stability, and a sense of identity. It provides energy to all levels of the body.

Azurite, Carnelian, Red Jasper, And Black Tourmaline

Azurite guides the development of the mind and increases intuition. Its effect is focused on the transmutation of energy, transforming fears into potential. Fear is the mains obstacle for the root chakra; this is why azurite is so highly recommended.

In turn, Carnelian helps us be present, stimulates creativity, and dissolves fear of death. It encourages acceptance directly related to the root chakra. The opening of this chakra is perfected through appreciation of life and nature in general.

It also brings protection, absorbs negative energy, and cleanses and aligns the chakras.

Red Jasper is also a great choice. The base or root chakra resonates with the color red. It is possible to buy quite a few varieties of red crystals. Using any of the red base chakra stones is extremely helpful. They will add vitality and help your personal relationships.

Red Jasper at the chakra base is powerful at enhancing your personal energy; it is a fiery stone. 

To heal this chakra, many of the black stones are also very powerful. This is also due to its grounding aspect.

Black tourmaline is one of the most appreciated dark stones for this chakra. They are popular crystals as they have some powerful attributes, including creating excellent grounding action.

The use of dark stones can be an easy and powerful method to achieve a spiritual foundation.

Wearing your Crystals

To use them to your advantage, you can wear them on your body as jewelry or simply put a combination of any of these natural crystals in a bag in your pocket.

Being the first of the main seven chakras, this chakra is near the pockets of your jeans or anything you wear beneath your navel. Keep in mind, though, that the best crystals for root chakra can also be worn or carried in your clothes. Their influence over your energy field will be felt even it is not entirely close to the chakra itself.

Since dark-based chakra crystals have a strong earth vibration, having them within your aura is highly beneficial. By keeping these healing stones in you, you will bring through the grounding that is needed. This is especially important if you have also been working with any of the higher vibrating crystals.

A Crystal Connection

There are quite a few other crystals that you will find helpful for different areas of your life. There is a crystal that can help you in anything that you may need in your life. They can positively influence our spiritual life, help our intuition, and even improve any ability.

The root chakra has a solid connection to sexual energy. Red is the color to visualize to promote sexual energy, and many red stones are helpful to that end.

The first chakra is considered red, but it contains tones of red that end in the darker side of the spectrum, including black.

Red is an exhilarating color, and charming jewelry pieces are made with red stones, including ruby ​​and red garnet. It is a brilliant stone that makes beautiful jewelry.

The base chakra stones shown in this article will help bring in the intense fire energy that the base chakra needs. If you feel that the power in this area of ​​the chakras is not balanced, take steps to change it.

Although the chakra color for this chakra is red, this chakra resonates in both red and black crystals. There are even stones of other colors that work well within this chakra.

Balancing The First Chakra

People often ignore the needs of the base chakra as many people prefer to work in the more spiritual areas such as the crown chakra.

But you will find that if your first chakra is balanced, everything goes better. You can more easily ground any excess energy created by your work on the higher chakras.

Grounding Practices 

It is essential to do spiritual grounding practices regularly, and it is good to do a simple meditation. Several health problems can occur because of the lack of grounding.

This is especially important if you have been working with the more “spiritual” high vibration stones to prevent you from developing health problems.

In most spiritual practices, the purpose is to connect us to the higher realms. Still, many times we approach such practices without thinking of the balance of our energy fields. If we elevate our energy without grounding it, we are not genuinely purifying the lowest energies within us. When we ground ourselves, we are not losing energy to the earth. It is a transformational process, similar to alchemy, in which everything in us accommodates and finds harmony.

Grounding yourself and clearing the base chakra will allow you to bring greater satisfaction and happiness. 

The best crystals for root chakra are essential to this process as they are easy to use and not very hard to find. The difference they can make in your spiritual life and mental state can bring harmony in a way you did not expect. Many of our ailments may be indirectly connected to this lack of grounding, especially those of the mind. From this perspective, this should be the first step someone takes towards better health.