9 Things You Didn’t Know About Black Onyx

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Black Onyx, we’ve all seen it and heard tales of its strong protective energies. First reported in 77 A.D. by Gaius Plinus Secundus (Pliny the Elder), it has been used for millennia by many ancient civilizations. It is known to absorb negative energy and protect the wearer from illness, misfortune, and even evil. As it offers powerful vibrations of willpower, strength, and focus, black onyx continuously pushes you forward in life. It gives a jolt of energy that can be felt by simply looking at the stone, perhaps because of its mystifyingly smooth surface and dark depths. Carrying a piece of onyx on your person provides a protective shield around the aura. What more can you ask for? Here are 9 things you didn’t know about black onyx. 

1. Black Onyx in Greek Mythology 

In ancient Greek, onyx means “nail of a claw finger”. According to Greek mythology, the goddess Venus was resting on the banks of the Indus river when her child, Cupid came along and tried to give her a manicure with the point of his enchanted arrow, causing the clippings of her nails to fall into the sacred river. Being of heavenly origin, the nails sank to the bottom of the river and became transformed into black onyx.

2. Black Onyx, Protection for Ancient Royals 

Some legends say that Cleopatra often wore earrings made of pure black onyx. Whenever she was approached by imminent danger, the stones in her earrings would vibrate, alerting her and ultimately protecting her from evil and harm. 

3. Black Onyx, Misunderstood

Throughout history, this mysterious black stone has had many negative connotations, despite the actual benefits it offers. In Arabic, black onyx is called el jaza which translates to “sadness”. In China, 1875, slaves and lowly servants would mine the stone, being completely unwilling to touch it, yet had no choice. People believed that it caused bad dreams, misfortune, and a loss of energy. This belief holds some truth, however, as black onyx is a grounding stone which can often lower vibrations. Mystics and alchemists alike knew that the negative effects of black onyx resided in the minds of men rather than in the stone itself.  

4. Black Onyx, a Depressive Stone

Aside from the stone’s negative associations, it was still widely traded for other reasons. In India, the stone was often used to repress sexual energy and keep other types of energy under control – this energy could also include a spirit. Mineralogists have devised that the low vibrations and negative effects of black onyx can be combated by pairing it with diamonds. 

5. Black Onyx, Spirit Vessel 

Onyx has long since been associated with the capture of demons and imps as it was believed that such spirits could be contained within the stone. The Bghai tribes of Myanmar often kept spirit statues of black onyx in their homes and would feed them offerings of blood. This was believed to keep the spirit sated, so they wouldn’t feed on their families. In ancient times, onyx was believed to contain a demon imprisoned within it which would emerge at night to sow discord, especially between lovers. 

6. Black Onyx, a Memory Stone 

Since antiquity, it’s been believed that black onyx absorbs negative energy – the more it absorbs, the darker it gets. This is a stone which assists in helping you check yourself as it promotes introspection and reflection. It is believed that onyx holds memories of the wearer’s daily life over the years and thus, can be used in psychometry. 

7. Black Onyx, an Ancient Protector 

In ancient Indian and Persian tales, black onyx is often referred to as a protector from evil. Representing balance with its contrasting layers of black and white, it is said to symbolize harmony between two people in a relationship. It was also believed to relieve the pain of a woman during childbirth by placing the stone on her belly. 

8. Black Onyx, a Mourning Stone 

After its discovery in China, black onyx was often exported for trade across the seas, since the people residing in those places were not familiar with the negative beliefs surrounding the stone. During the Victorian era in England, onyx became quite fashionable, especially the black variety. This trend set in due to Queen Victoria’s mourning period of 40 years, during which it was forbidden to wear colors and people started using black onyx in jewelry.

9. Black Onyx, a Physical Healer Since the discovery of this ancient gem, black onyx has been known for its metaphysical benefits. However, it can greatly benefit the physical body as well. Black onyx is known to relieve the mind of stress and anxiety, treat kidney problems, relieve nose and skin infections, and regulate arterial pressure.