8 Things You Didn’t Know About Crystal Quartz

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Quartz crystal, the crystal of all crystals, the most popular and most well-known of all the healing crystals. Its benefits extend from the physical to the mental, with the spiritual and psychic in between. Quartz crystal aligns the chakras, clears the mind, and opens the third eye to promote spiritual growth and a deep intuitive connection with the divine. So what are the lesser known facts about quartz crystal? Here are eight things you didn’t know about crystal quartz. 

1. Crystal Quartz Origins 

In Ancient Greece, quartz crystal was referred to as krustallos which is derived from the Ancient Greek word kruos, meaning “icy cold”. This connection comes from the ancient belief that quartz crystal was water that froze so deeply it remained eternally solid. Quartz was then mostly found near glaciers in the Alps rather than near volcanic masses, and larger crystal pieces were often fashioned into spheres to cool the hands. This led Roman Naturalist, Pliny the Elder to believe that quartz was water eternally frozen into ice. This belief lasted until the late 17th century. 

2. Skulls & Crystal Quartz

Throughout the ages, crystal skulls have been a fascination for mystics and spiritualists alike, as they are believed to store the energetic data of their environment. Theories surrounding the crystals skulls of the world range from the supernatural to the skeptic with some believing they were originally created by a life form other than our own, such as those found in the ancient civilizations of the Mayans and those who believe they were fabricated by the hand of man. However, there are those today who simply embrace the idea and create crystal skulls of their own. The world’s largest crystal skull, known as Colossus, Akator, or Papa is made entirely of quartz crystal. Brazilian crystal skull-carver, Leandro, carved this enormous skull from a single block of Brazilian quartz crystal which weighs 348 lbs, roughly the weight of a Sumo wrestler. 

3. Crystal Quartz within and without 

Quartz crystal is so abundant that every rock on earth contains at least a small percentage of it. In fact, inside each crystal is a small amount of quartz crystal and is perhaps the reason for its many and versatile healing benefits. We’ve stated in previous in-depth articles that, as human beings, we are made of the same elemental components as crystals, with the exception of an unaccounted 2%. We are essentially crystals and a soul. 

4. Crystal Quartz in technology 

The piezoelectric properties of quartz crystal have proven to be quite beneficial throughout the development of modern technology and is used in watches, clocks, microphones, timers, buzzers, etc. Without it, we wouldn’t have many of the modern-day comforts that make our lives more convenient. 

5. Crystal Quartz in mythology

Often also known as “the crystal of truth”, the spiritual and medicinal use of clear quartz goes back to 600 AD. According to legend in Greek Mythology, the demigod Hercules dropped the crystal of truth from Mount Olympus, shattering it into a million pieces which scattered across the earth and is what we now know as clear quartz crystal. For this reason, it is believed that a person using clear quartz crystal for scrying and divination cannot lie. 

6. Crystal Quartz, your personal helper 

Aside from lending its many healing benefits, clear quartz is one of the few crystals that are actually programmable to your intent. Think of it as a transmitter into which you can insert and store personalized intentions, specifically for the purpose of manifesting exactly what you want. Spend a lot of time with your crystal quartz, speak your wishes into it, and watch the universe grant them, one by one. 

7. Crystal Quartz, a conduit for spiritual energy 

In Europe, from the 11th century through the Renaissance, it was believed that quartz crystal carried natural healing powers and was typically used alongside other natural medicines. However, it was also believed that these crystals were corrupted by the original sins of Adam, that they lent passage to demons looking to possess a living being, or that, if handled by a sinner, it would cause its virtues to depart. For this reason, crystals would often be sanctified and blessed before worn, a belief that still resonates in today’s spiritual practice through cleansing by way of smudge smoke or ritual.  

8. Crystal Quartz in Christianity 

One of the earliest recorded origins of crystals comes from the Breastplate of Aaron, otherwise known as the High Priest’s Breastplate upon which, through instruction from God, twelve crystals were inlaid, each with their own purpose and correlation to one of the twelve tribes of Israel (the direct descendants of the Patriarch Jacob). Clear quartz crystal was then associated with the house of Naphtali, which translates to “struggle” through which the virtues of clear quartz are born: clarity, harmony, and growth.