Silver Sheen Obsidian Meaning And Spiritual Properties

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Power & Benefits of Silver Sheen Obsidian:

Silver Sheen Obsidian provides a mirror of inner being. It brings advantages throughout life and imparts patience and perseverance when needed. With no crystalline structure, it has no boundaries or limitations and works extremely fast with great powers. It exposes blockages, flaws, weaknesses, and disempowering conditions, nothing can be hidden from this stone. It provides clarity of mind and clears confusion and constricting beliefs.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Silver Sheen Obsidian is a helpful stone when journeying out of the body, it connects the astral body with the physical body and brings the soul back into physical incarnation.

It is an especially effective stone for scrying. It takes you into the future and the past and deep into the core of a problem. It shows you what is needed for healing, but other crystals will be needed to achieve healing. It balances energy fields. It provides deep soul healing.

The Physical Connection:

Silver Sheen Obsidian is thought to get rid of the sources of disease. It is said to help with detoxification. It is believed to work best beyond the physical level.

The Chakras Connected to Silver Sheen Obsidian:

Root (Base) Chakra. Silver Sheen Obsidian is a strongly protective stone, it forms a shield against negativity, providing a grounding cord from the Root (Base) Chakra to the center of the Earth.

Astrological Signs:


Locations Found & History:

Mexico, volcanic regions. The Aztecs used flat sheets of Obsidian to make scrying mirrors, and ancient people created arrowheads and axes with magical properties.

Rarity, Value & Variations:

Silver Sheen on Black Obsidian. Silver Sheen Obsidian has a Mohs hardness of 5 to 5.5.

How to Use Silver Sheen Obsidian:

Silver Sheen Obsidian enhances meditation and is the perfect crystal for crystal gazing. Use a Silver Sheen Obsidian ball for scrying and divination. An Obsidian wand facilitates release and protects the aura, connection to the Earth. Wands can also be used for diagnosis and location of blockages.