Sardonyx Meaning And Spiritual Properties

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Power & Benefits of Sardonyx:

Sardonyx is good for socializing, marriage, and other cohabiting relationships. It brings courage, luck, and protects you against crime. It is a protective stone that can be gridded around the house and garden to prevent crime. It is a stone of strength, that strengthens willpower, and character.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Sardonyx crystal improves perception and aids the absorption and processing of information. It helps hesitation. It invokes the search for a meaningful existence, promoting integrity and virtuous conduct. It is believed to bring lasting happiness and stability to marriage and partnership, attracting friends and good fortune.

It increases self-control, vigor, and stamina. Sardonyx is thought to alleviate depression. It is a good stone for anyone studying or for those that work in a job that requires mental discipline to focus on the task at hand.

The Physical Connection:

Sardonyx is thought to be beneficial for tinnitus, lungs, bones, spleen sensory organs, fluid regulation, cell metabolism, immune system, absorption of nutrients, and elimination of waste products. It is said to be a detoxifying stone.

The Chakras Connected to Sardonyx:

Root (Base) Chakra, Sacral Chakra.

Astrological Signs:


Locations Found & History:

India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Middle East, Asia Minor.

Rarity, Value & Variations:

Easily obtained from specialist stores. Sardonyx is a variety of Onyx that contains Carnelian and has black, red, brown, white, and clear bands. In addition to the generic properties, specific colors have additional attributes. Black Sardonyx absorbs negativity. Brown Sardonyx grounds energy. Clear Sardonyx purifies, Red Sardonyx stimulates.

How to Use Sardonyx:

Grid around the house and garden to prevent crime. A stone can be placed at each corner, and doors and windows, but it is more effective to dowse for exactly the right place. Position anywhere, especially laid on the stomach.