Celestobarite Meaning And Spiritual Properties

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Power & Benefits of Celestobarite:

Celestobarite looks to the past, present, and future and explores multifaceted layers of being. It reminds you that nothing in life stays the same, and teaches you to laugh at yourself and the silliness of the human condition. It cuts through barriers taking you to the edge and safely beyond.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Celestobarite is a powerful shamanic shield, cutting through blockages and taking you to the edge and beyond. It takes you down the ancestral tree to where ancestral soul aspects reside, helping in unifying the family line.

It is a Shamanic Oracle stone that shows you both sides of an issue, illuminating what is not clear but letting you decide what to believe or put into action. It is thought to be beneficial for multidimensional healing. It is an excellent journeying stone that holds you suspended between the Root (Base) Chakra and Crown Chakra and acts as a guardian while you are in the shamanic middle world.

The Physical Connection:

Celestobarite is thought to bring about multidimensional healing beyond the physical level of being, but can also help you to feel more unified in the physical body.

The Chakras Connected to Celestobarite:

Root (Base) Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye (Brow) Chakra, Crown Chakra.

Astrological Signs:


Locations Found & History:

England, Poland, Australia, Denmark, United States. Its Janus face (a mythological Greek god) looks to past, present, and future.

Rarity, Value & Variations:

Easily obtained. Celestobarite is a banded opaque stone.

How to Use Celestobarite:

Hold, grid, Hold, grid, or place as appropriate. If you feel as though an answer or insight is just out of your reach, hold Celestobarite to bring the answer to the surface and you will see how it has been staring you in the face all along.