Blue Tiger's Eye Meaning And Spiritual Properties

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Power & Benefits of Blue Tiger's Eye:

Blue Tiger's Eye is a calming stone that is said to release stress. It is thought to assist the overanxious, quick-tempered, and people who suffer from phobias. It supports integrity and assists in accomplishing goals.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Blue Tiger's Eye creates a high vibrational state that draws spiritual energies to Earth. It balances yin and yang and energizes the emotional body.

It is beneficial for internal conflicts, perception, pride, willfulness, emotional balance, yin/yang, and depression. It is excellent for protection, and security. It inspires courage and motivation to go after your dreams. It is thought to help relieve depression and anxiety. Tiger’s Eye is also effective in releasing worry and inner turmoil.

It helps with issues of self-criticism, self-worth, and blocked creativity. It aids in recognizing your abilities and talents and faults that need to be overcome. It supports an addictive personality in making changes.

The Physical Connection:

Blue Tiger's Eye is thought to slow the metabolism, cool an overactive sex drive, and dissolve sexual frustrations. It is said to be beneficial for metabolic healing, brain hemisphere integration, hemophilia, hepatitis, mononucleosis, eyes, night vision, throat, reproductive organs, constrictions, and broken bones.

The Chakras Connected to Blue Tiger's Eye:

Third Eye (Brow) Chakra.

Astrological Signs:

Leo, Capricorn.

Locations Found & History:

USA, Mexico, India, Australia, South Africa. Tiger's Eye is a protective stone that was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishing and curses.

Rarity, Value & Variations:

Blue Tiger's Eye has a Mohs hardness of 4 to 7.

How to Use Blue Tiger's Eye:

Hold or place Blue Tiger's Eye as appropriate. You can also place a piece in your home or in your wallet or purse to attract more wealth and prosperity into your life. Hold Blue Tiger's Eye as it is thought to enhance the flow of Qi.