Blue John Fluorite Meaning And Spiritual Properties

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Power & Benefits of Blue John Fluorite:

Blue John Fluorite is sometimes called the genius stone and is considered to be a wisdom stone. It facilitates learning and uses precise, concentrated energy to help find answers. It brings structure to the mind. It cuts through negativity and clutter, sharpening awareness and combining what has already been learned with what is being newly received.

Spiritual & Emotional Influence:

Blue John Fluorite cleanses, protects, and stabilizes the aura. It can be used in meditation to help reveal the truth of a relationship. It stimulates intuition and clear thinking. It links the emotional and spiritual with the physical. It harmonizes the intellect with the spirit.

It is thought to bring organization to the mind and support mental health. Blue John Fluorite brings order to both the inner and outer life. It recognizes when outdated behavior patterns must adjust and when something held as absolute truth in the past needs to evolve into something new.

The Physical Connection:

Blue John Fluorite is thought to be beneficial for the respiratory system, fluid balance, bones, and brain.

The Chakras Connected to Blue John Fluorite:

Third Eye (Brow) Chakra, Crown Chakra.

Astrological Signs:

Capricorn, Pisces.

Locations Found & History:

Derbyshire, England. It is found at the Blue John Cavern and Treak Cliff Cavern at Castleton in Derbyshire. It is believed that the name was derived from the French bleu-Jaune, meaning blue-yellow. It is said that Blue John was exported to France where it was used by ormolu workers during the reign of Louis XVI (1774–91).

Rarity, Value & Variations:

Rare. Blue John Fluorite is a high vibration stone. It is also known as Derbyshire Blue John and Derbyshire Spar. It has a Mohs hardness of 4.

How to Use Blue John Fluorite:

Avoid water. Hold, place or grid Blue John Fluorite as appropriate. Use in meditation.