Which Crystals Should Not be Together

Crystal combinations, pairs and grids are generally a good thing when their combined energies complement each other – not to mention, they often look great together – but when energies begin to clash or become hyperactive, that’s where the problems start. And I don’t mean problems in the sense that misfortune and illness will suddenly befall you, but rather that certain crystals tend to negate each others’ effects or bring “too much of a good thing” and vice versa. For example, augmentative crystals like clear quartz will amplify energy, so you’ll want to be careful of exactly what type of energy you’re amplifying. 

There’s an endless list of possible combinations of different crystals that could potentially have negative effects or nothing at all, but to keep things simple and to help you discern on your own what combinations are good or bad together, here are a few examples of which crystals should not be together. 

Clear Quartz and Citrine
Let’s say you’re feeling anxious and stressed, the mind racing at high speed, and you need to get yourself together and simmer down. The last thing you want to do is reach for these two crystals. Citrine carries high vibrational energies that uplift and heighten moods, so this crystal on its own will make your nerves fly through the roof – imagine pairing that with an augmentative crystal like clear quartz? No ma’am. Instead, you’d want to try something calmer, like clear quartz and amethyst, a combination which will boost feelings of calm and relaxation.

Carnelian and Amethyst
These two are the perfect example of conflicting energies. Carnelian energizes, stimulates the imagination, and fills you with passion. Amethyst soothes, clears the mind, and instills calm. So one wants to take off and one wants to chill. Putting these two together is like arguing with yourself out loud – it will get you nowhere and make you feel crazy. These crystals work great separately for their own individual intentions, but will do nothing together.

Blue Lace Agate and Black Obsidian
Both of these crystals are exceptional in their own ways, for their own purposes, but would not work very well together. Blue lace agate tends to put you in a flighty mood with its airy energies, instilling calm and tranquility of the mind, whereas black obsidian has strong and powerful grounding energies. When these energies interact, they can cause low vibrations and low moods, such as depression and sadness, kind of like low frequencies of the mind being pushed further down. Not a good combination. Try one or the other, but not the two together.

Tiger’s Eye and Smoky Quartz
Here is another example of two crystals that cancel each other out. Tiger’s eye inspires and rejuvenates, lending bright bursts of energy to promote confidence and courage. On the other hand, smoky quartz is a crystal for empaths, clearing out energy to avoid any sort of outside interference. Putting these two crystals together will not necessarily cause any sort of negative effects, but instead won’t have any effect at all as one will cancel out the other.

As with every spiritual practice, the intention you put behind your tools is what matters the most. Each person will experience different effects with different crystals, so it’s advisable to try out some combinations for yourself while being mindful of your mood at the time as well as what you’d like to gain from your crystals. If two separate crystals call to you energetically, chances are they’ll work well together, but chances also are that they won’t. If a pairing or combination is making your energy feel off, that’s a sure sign that those crystals don’t belong together. There’s no wrong way to use crystals, but trusting your intuition is always the best way to go when deciding on possible pairings.