Aphrodite and Her Crystals

“Very rare and exceptional are the human beings who can understand and feel divine Love, because divine Love is free of attachment and of the need to please the object loved.” [Mother’s Agenda, volume 6]

Considering the progression and structure of the Pantheon, there are a few ways in which we can identify the aspects and principles of the Goddess Aphrodite. To better understand, we can start at the beginning. Hesiod’s interpretation states that she was born from the fertilization of life by the spirit – Gaia grew tired of carrying her children, the Titans within her as instructed by Ouranos so she presented a sickle to her youngest son, Cronos to sever the genitals of his father while he lay sleeping. Cronos flung them far into the ocean tide (Pontos) and from the sea foam that surrounded it emerged Aphrodite. In this account, the union of Gaia and Ouranos represents the relationship between matter and spirit, the severing of the genitals representing Spirit’s acceptance of limitation so that Love (Aphrodite) could emerge and progressively manifest itself in Life (Pontos, the ocean tide, a symbol of life) – Love is therefore the result of the creative power of Spirit in Life. The interpretation of Ouranos’s mutilation is described as Midos, the Greek word for both “sexual organ of man” and “purpose or thought”, through which definition it could be interpreted that Love is the hidden purpose of Spirit evolving in Life. Additionally, as Aphrodite is born of sea foam, a combination of air and water, Love is born of life and mind. 

Aphrodite is described as the wife of Hephaestus, yet most commonly mentioned is her relationship with Ares (the God of Love). Of her unions, she is linked to two form processes: the creation by Hephaestus and the destruction by Ares. Love is described therefore as growing through the renewal of forms. Aphrodite bore three children by Ares, a daughter Harmonia (precision and purity with each thing in its right place) and two sons, Phobos (mild apprehension) and Deimos (the greatest terror), together representing the two extremes of fear. In order for life and mind to develop within forms, and as necessity for the evolution towards love and for the stability between forms, an opposing force must exist – this allows form to adapt itself through evolution and transformation. In short, Aphrodite is therefore the manifestation of Love in Life through creative power and the transformation of the Spirit. Her principles are balance and harmony between mind and matter, love and fear – her crystals are: 

Rose Quartz, as the truest embodiment of universal in crystal form, is one of the most accurate representations of Aphrodite (love). Its energies open the heart chakra to promote harmony and balance between the mental and emotional states. Rose quartz teaches the true meaning of self love, the highest manifestation of spirit within oneself. 

Rhodonite is a stone of love and comfort, and as it relates best to the heart and root chakras, it promotes a healthy balance between the emotional and the physical. It also enhances psychic abilities and allows us to look inward and find our truest spiritual potential, creating a deeper connection between ourselves and the divine. Rhodonite provides the clarity needed to find and follow our path. 

Rhodochrosite energy focuses on healing the emotional body and bringing balance to your energy centers and auric system as a whole. As it releases feelings of negativity such as anxiety, anger, and fear, it reminds us that the most important task is to take care of ourselves, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Rhodochrosite calms and soothes while bringing new opportunities for spiritual growth. 

Pink Morganite carries intensely high vibrations which fill the aura with positivity. As one of the most powerful heart stones, it brings courage and confidence, allowing us to face the negativity within and then relinquish it for good. Pink morganite reminds us of our own inner strength and power in times when we are at our weakest. 

Rainbow Obsidian activates the root chakra to keep us grounded in times of mental and emotional difficulties. It opens the heart to provide support as well as an abundance of love, happiness, and positivity. Rainbow Obsidian strengthens, heals, and allows us to transform our mind and spirit for the evolution of our souls. It promotes acceptance, rejuvenation, and rebirth. 

Iris Agate is well known for its powers of manifestation as well as its ability to balance the spiritual and physical states. It is a stone of the crown chakra which expands the mind and promotes higher spiritual understanding. Iris agate brings clarity, motivation, and strength to help us navigate the complicated journey of the spirit.  

The Principles of Aphrodite can be called upon by incorporating her crystals into your meditation routines or your rituals invoking energies of love; this includes, of course, all forms of love. These crystals can also be used in candle magic, intention pouches, and as votive pieces on your altar. The best place to keep these crystals or to carry out your spiritual practices regarding Aphrodite and her crystals is in the South West or Rear Right area of the home, the area responsible for love and relationships according to the Feng Shui Bagua Map. Cleanse and charge these crystals on Fridays, the day of love.