Amethyst Crystal Meaning

When you think about crystals, the first thing that comes to mind is probably “Quartz”, and rightly so, the most popular crystals are usually of the quartz variety; they’re famous for the beauty in their translucency and luster as well as for their many healing properties. In this article, we’ll get into everything you need to know about amethyst crystals, properly harnessing their energy, and making them your own. Let’s start with the basics.

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst crystals are a form of quartz (silicate mineral), found and mined in many parts of the world, but mainly distributed out of South America. It is most popularly known for its regal hue, varying from lilac to deep violet with white and grey streaks. Quite possibly the world’s first known precious stone, it has been considered “the stone of royals”, valuable for thousands of years and for an infinite variety of reasons. In ancient times, from the Greeks to the Romans and Ancient Egyptians, amethyst crystals were used in everything from jewelry to drinking glasses and even in tombs as adornments. The stone was believed to protect against evil while alleviating ailments in many forms, including that of the mental and physical states. Today, this ancient stone is still considered a go-to in modern healing rituals and practices and is one of the most sought-after crystals for spiritual as well as aesthetic purposes.

Amethyst and How it Affects us

Before we can properly benefit from a crystal, we must first understand what areas of the body and mind they relate to best, as well as how they affect us. Each healing crystal has its correlations to the zodiac, the planets, and their chakras, each affecting us in different ways, depending on their and our characteristics. Listed below are the astrological, celestial, and spiritual aspects of amethyst crystals.

Birthstone: Aquarius

Pertaining to the element of water, amethyst crystals are most accurately associated with the month of February, whose later birth dates fall under the zodiac sign of Aquarius (even though this is an air sign). People born under this Aquarius usually seek creativity and uniqueness in their endeavors, craving purpose and stimulation of the mind. Amethyst promotes peace and quiet as well as motivation, allowing for a productive state of mind while feeding the imagination. It enhances the vision and focus needed to get the job done, making it the perfect healing stone for distracted Aquarians.

Planet: Jupiter

The spiritual and chemical properties of amethyst crystals correspond to those of strength, creativity, intuition and transcendence as well as regality and good fortune – everything that is represented by the “Orange Giant”, Jupiter. Although they differ in color (and size, physically speaking), this crystal and its planet bear many striking similarities. For example, Jupiter’s most commonly affiliated deity is the pagan god Thor, whose iconic hammer pummels justice and dominance where most needed while amethyst’s grounds and instills self-discipline as well as the foundation for power in ascension. In this respect, the healing properties of amethyst are most effectively utilized on Thursdays, also known as “Thor’s day”.

Vibration number: 3

In numerology, each number or combination of numbers corresponds to a particular energetic vibration. Every crystal and healing stone has a vibrational frequency that is unique to its structure, shape, size, and color. This number determines the level at which the stone itself vibrates energetically and therefore how it responds to different areas of our being. Amethyst crystals’ corresponding vibration and life path number is 3, encouraging creativity, divination and a firm belief in the Self. This is the perfect stone for people who are driven, ambitious, and unrelenting in their sense of purpose.

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

As we’ve discussed earlier, amethyst crystals have been associated with royalty and luxury, having been worn in the crowns of kings, queens, princes and princesses throughout history. This particular aesthetic was probably derived from its association with the Crown Chakra to which amethyst’s purple hues are most relevant, representing intuition and spiritual ascension as it also opens the third eye and allows for communication to and from the higher self. Press this stone against your forehead or wear it around the neck to strengthen your psychic abilities and to connect with the Divine.

Amethyst’s Healing Properties and How to Properly Utilize them

In areas of the mind, amethyst relates best to expanding one’s mental horizons, making way for new and fresh ideas while instilling focus and the peace of mind necessary to carry out many tasks. In aspects of the physical body, amethyst can be used to relieve headaches in the frontal lobe as well as relieving strain in the throat and esophagus. Spiritually, amethyst allows clear communication with the higher self as well enhancing intuition, making it more possible than ever to connect with your true self.

Love Healing

Love comes in many and infinite forms, including but not exclusive to that of the love you have for your family, friends, partner, or just human beings in general. If you’re feeling blocked in areas of the heart, unable to express your emotions in a way you so desire to, amethyst will help you overcome this obstacle. As it enhances your sensitivity, empathy, and compassion, it will allow you to connect with others on a deeper level. Gift this healing stone as a beautiful reminder of how much you care for your loved ones.

Sexual Healing

In much the same way that amethyst crystals relieve stress in the mind, they can release sexual tension and anxiety as well as any fears or insecurities one might have when it comes to exploring one’s sexual nature. Meditate with amethyst, absorbing its energy into your body from your crown chakra to your root chakra to activate creativity and passion where it’s lacking. You can also keep this stone on your nightstand to promote intimacy in the bedroom.

Mental Healing

Whenever you’re feeling mentally incapable of facing the day, or if you just need a proper wind-down after you’ve inevitably dealt with all that needs to be dealt with, amethyst will help you to rejuvenate and revitalize the mind as well as reassuring you in areas where you might be a little uncertain. Wearing this stone in a tiara or headdress, or even in simple earrings restores peace and tranquility where it’s lacking. Keep this stone under your pillow or on your nightstand to promote ambition. lucid dreaming, and spiritual insight. Personally, I like to keep a pouch of these crystals on top of my head whenever I’m being creatively productive, but you can use them in whatever way you choose.

Cleansing and Charging your Amethyst Crystals

If you’re familiar with healing crystals, you probably already understand how they work energetically and the importance of cleansing them regularly. The process is simple, but has slightly different effects depending on the type of crystal you’re cleansing. Some stones cannot be cleansed in water as they dissolve over time and cannot be cleansed in the sun as they fade in sunlight. If kept in direct sunlight, amethyst crystals will crack and their color would most likely fade over time. Fortunately for amethyst lovers, this stone can still be cleansed and charged in water and moonlight – or for moon enthusiasts, in moon water! As with most crystals, amethyst can be cleansed and charged on or next to selenite which is a simple yet effective way to make sure the stone isn’t tainted by stagnant energy. For added power, let your amethyst and selenite crystals sit together in a bath of water under moonlight for anywhere from three hours to three days.

Amethyst and its Compatibility with other Crystals

Most healing stones play well together, but it’s still helpful to know which do and which don’t. Amethyst, with its protective and cleansing properties can be paired with virtually any stone that doesn’t amplify its energy to too much of an extreme or lower it to a point that it’s non-existent. Here are a few ideas for pairing this stone if you want to have some fun with your collection.

Amethyst & Carnelian

One red and one purple, both of these stones are of passion and ambition which, as one would imagine, lends a heightened sense of purpose to the seeker. Carnelian’s properties of courage and spontaneity complement the aspects of Amethyst that promote strength and acting on your instincts. These two healing crystals are the perfect pair for making your dreams into reality. Carry them in your backpack, workbag, or keep them on your desk to get the most out of them.

Amethyst & Labradorite

Labradorite, with its iridescent and changing hues of blue, green, and light brown is a stone of protection and transformation. It dispels negative influences as well as radio interference. What labradorite and amethyst have in common is their grounding and protective properties which bring a sense of calm to the seeker. Wear them together to promote constant growth or lay them out around your laptop and workspace to enhance productivity while preventing distractions.

Amethyst & Moonstone

Much like amethyst, moonstone lends energies of healing and inner peace while encouraging new beginnings – a fresh start. Where amethyst deepens intuition, moonstone brings inspiration, making this couple an unstoppable force when it comes to matters of productivity. Put these two together and you’ll literally feel the shift in energy from stagnant to ever-flowing, not to mention they look gorgeous in a jewelry setting! Keep them in the space where you sleep or spend the most of your free time.

Amethyst & Rose Quartz

Pink and purple, am I right? Rose quartz, with its heart chakra correlations promotes love on all levels, including self love. What better stone to complement the healing attributes of amethyst – clarity, peace of mind, and confidence. If you’re looking for self-empowerment, there’s no better union than these two. Wear them as a bracelet or put them in a pouch to keep on your person for optimal confidence in everything you do.

Amethyst & Clear Quartz

Complementary while contrasting, this pair highly influences the healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Clear Quartz cleanses and purifies while amplifying the properties of amethyst, making this the optimal choice for the union of any two healing crystals. If amethyst crystals are your favorite type of crystals (as it is mine) and you’re looking for its partner, clear quartz is the best choice. Keep these two in close contact whenever you’re looking to strengthen yourself spiritually.

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