We have our own little shipping center in Donghai and a small team of 2 to 4 which handles all shipping for Spirit Magicka crystal shop.

But let me make one thing very clear: We pay our shipping staff fair wages. In-fact, we pay 5-10x more then the average salary in China. We pay a salary comparable to earnings at a North American job.

With that being said, Let's talk.

China has a bad reputation because a lot of big companies HAVE taken advantage of the people in China (and the lower wages there on average). I won't name any names, but you are probably using one of their smartphones to view this page right now.

For OUR PART, here at Spirit Magicka, we ship out of China because from China we are able to ship to the entire world, quickly, efficiently and at some of the best shipping costs. Because let's face it... rocks & stones are heavy. They are the most expensive thing you can ship. And China has the best shipping services in the world.

Let me explain about Shipping from China

This is the important part.

A lot of companies realize that China has a bad global reputation and want to distance themselves from being associated with China.

They still buy their goods in China, but then they first ship to a local warehouse in their local country, the USA, Canada, and so forth, and then ship to you from within your own country (looks good on paper right?).

The problem with this, is that it increases the cost for shipping #1, and it actually also increase the environmental impact #2.

China is a global HUB for the entire worlds markets. In-fact most items in your home / business / shopping mall first bounce through Chinese marketplaces. Even if they aren't manufactured in China, they are often shipped into China and then distributed.

Don't get me wrong.

There are a lot of problems with people in China being taken advantage of by big companies and poor working conditions. We pray and hope that this will improve for China as time goes on.

We are doing our part!

As a company, here at Spirit Magicka, are doing our part to elevate our employees. We aren't a mega company and we can't help everyone - but we can take care of the people who work for us directly.

And ultimately, that is all that anyone can really do in this life. Do the best that you can do for your own circle of friends (employees) or whatever the case may be.

So, don't worry. At Spirit Magicka, we take care of our people and you can FEEL GOOD about your order.