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🎁 You earn a 4-piece crystal gift kit featuring quartz, cirtrine, fluorite and amethyst (shown below)

🎁 You ALSO earn our Crystal Compendium eBook, [ Learn more about our Crystal Compendium here ]

With over 250 crystal definitions - each crystal detailed with photos (GIFT VALUE: $19.95)

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🎁 You earn lifetime enrollment in our Lightworkers Guide to Crystal Healing [ Learn more about our Crystal Healing Course here ]

GIFT VALUE ($299). Our world famous crystal healing course is yours with this insanely valuable gift. The value of this course far exceeds the eligibility requirement - which is why this gift is only going to be available for a limited time, as a part of a special promo we are currently running. Don't miss this one if you have ever wanted to learn crystal healing.

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