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Giveaway Contest for our 56 Piece Crystal Collectors Set

Presenting the awe-inspiring 56 Crystals Super Duper Kit—an extraordinary treasure trove that unveils a world of enchantment, ignites imagination, and evokes captivating metamorphoses. Immerse yourself in its magical allure, where each crystal point, mini sphere, tumbled cube, and natural quartz shard becomes a vessel of wonder, ready to kindle inspiration, elevate spaces, and serve as unforgettable tokens of appreciation.

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Giveaway Contest for our Totally Labradorite Collectors Kit

Discover our Labradorite Collectors Kit, an enchanting assortment that unveils the mesmerizing beauty and mystical allure of this captivating crystal. Crafted over millennia by the forces of nature, Labradorite is a testament to the patient artistry of Mother Earth. With its iridescent flashes of color and captivating play of light, Labradorite has intrigued civilizations throughout history.

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